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So far, only one side of the family has been researched. This has been lovingly and labouriously been compiled by Roger Delaney in Sunny Caves Beach, Australia. It is available to download here.

All document are in .pdf format. You will need to have Adobe Reader to view and print these documents. If you have not got a copy of Adobe Reader, you can click on the logo below to download a copy.

A team of expert researchers specialising in acquiring replacement birth certificates, replacement marriage certificates, and replacement death certificates obtained from Government sources for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland can be found here:

eight-generations-of-denis-delaney   Complete Eight Generation Document.
Covers from 1st Generation to Current Generation. Includes photographs.
foreword.pdf The 7 Generations of Denis Delaney & Judith Dormer & of Francis Potoky & Harriet Eade. Foreword by Roger J.Delaney 20 July 2004.
origins.pdf   Origins of Delaneys - Potokys as at 23 August 2003.
denis-judith-delaney.pdf   Denis Delaney and Judith Dormer about 1790 - 1860, Clonbrock, County Laois, Ireland.
john-dormer-and-elenor.pdf   John Dormer Delaney
Born 14/3/1820 in Clonbrock PLU Carlow, Ireland.
medal-page-2-john-sen.pdf   Military History – Waikato Regiments – John Dormer Delaney.
doc-ire-4-doonane-church.pdf   Photograph - church in Doonane Parish St. Abbans
delaneys-in-bendigo.pdf   Times in Golden Square Sandhurst Bendigo Victoria 1854 - 1865
transcripts-murchison-mirror.pdf   Notes: Francis Potoky - 1820 born Arad, Hungary.
Transcript from Murchison Mirror (West Australia) 17 March 1893 and 24th March 1893.
francis-potoky.pdf   A History of Francis (Ferenz) (Franz) Potoky.
mary-eleanor-delaney.pdf   Mary Eleanor Delaney - notes as at - 23 August 2003.
Born 17 December 1850 in Capetown Sth. Africa. Died 5 April 1947 New Zealand. With photographs (note: large file)
annie-maria-delaney.pdf   Anna Maria Delaney - born 1853 in Capetown, South Africa. Died 1889 Oamaru, New Zealand.
william-dormer-delaney.pdf   William Dormer Delaney - Born 9 July 1852 in Capetown, South Africa. Died 1889 Oamaru, New Zealand. Died December 1907, New Zealand.
medal-page-william-dormer.pdf   Military History – Waikato Regiments – William Dormer Delaney.
john-and-isabella.pdf   John Delaney 2nd b. 28 July 1854 Bendigo, Australia. Died 10 June 1918 New Zealand. Isabella Potoky b. 1861 Mauritius. Died 31 July 1914 Auckland, New Zealand.
medal-page-john2.pdf   Military History - John Delaney 2nd.
michael-and-ophelia-2.pdf   Michael Walter Delaney - Born 15th September 1855, Golden Square, Sandhurst, (Bendigo) Victoria, Australia. Died 18th September 1937 in Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand - aged 81.
army-history-page-michael.pdf   Military History – Waikato Regiments – Michael Walter Delaney.
bio-page-michael.pdf   Scan from New Zealand Biographies - Vol 14. "Boy Soldier. Youngest Maori War Veteran." - Memories of Michael Walter Delaney. With picture.
michaels-medals.pdf   Picture- Medals awarded to Michael Walter Delaney.
news-clips-michael-walter.pdf   Scanned news-clips for Michael Walter Delaney.
news-clips-others-2.pdf   Scanned news-clips for Mary Eleanor, William Dormer and Michael Walter Delaney.
all-ships-involved.pdf   Shipping Details – info as at 23 August 2003. Wigram, Swiftsure, Claud Hamilton and Madras.
burial-areas.pdf   Burial Details info as at 18 June 2004. Australia and Ne Zealand.
george-delaney.pdf   George Delaney - 1883 New Zealand - died 1956 Melbourne, Australia. With photographs (note: large file)
books-delaney.pdf   List of books regarding Delaney Family History.
francis-patrick.pdf   Francis Patrick Delaney - info as at 23 August 2003. Born about 1890 in Opotiki, New Zealand. Died 29th October 1967 Wedderburn, Australia.
mary-aileen-delaney.pdf   Mary Aileen Delaney - info as at 23 August 2003. Born 1894, Wellington, New Zealand. Died 1949 in Sydney Australia.
walter-edmund.pdf   Walter Edmund Delaney as at 23 August 2003. Born 1898, in Opotiki, New Zealand.
annie-maria-jackson.pdf   Annie Maria Delaney (2nd) (Jackson) as at 23 August 2003. Born 5th January 1900 in Wellington, New Zealand. Died 2nd August 1965 in Narwee, Sydney.
eleanor-delaney.pdf   Eleanor Delaney info as at 23 August 2003. Born Wellington, New Zealand, February 1903. Died 17th March 1942 Sydney, aged 39.
michael-dormer-delaney.pdf   Flt/Lt Michael Dormer (Don ) Delaney, MID. info as at 23 August 2003. Born 13 January 1909. Died October 1993.
potoky-docs-held.pdf   Potoky list of documents held by Roger Delaney.
delaney-docs-held.pdf   Delaney list of documents held by Roger Delaney.
don-delaney.pdf   Donald Cary Delaney as at 23 August 2003. Born 30 May 1934, Roslyn Private, Arncliffe, Sydney.
roger-delaney.pdf   Roger John Delaney info as at 23 August 2003. Born 11 May 1938 Osterley Private, Kogarah.
terry-delaney.pdf   Terence Michael Delaney info as at 23 August 2003
Born 29 April 1945 at Roslyn Private.
kim-delaney.pdf   Kimean James Patrick Delaney info as at 23 August 2003. Born 17 March 1949 at Rosslyn Private Arncliffe Sydney.
delaney-census-1911.pdf   Delaney Denis and Judith Dormer Family 1817-1836. Information from 1911 census LDS Charletown as at 18 June 2002.
doonane-notes.pdf   Delaneys in Clonbrock Notes etc.

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