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Over the years we have had many people stay with us in New Zealand. They have come from many countries and are here either to study or tour here. These wonderful friends have shared our home and became like family to us. We miss them all and hope that one day we will meet them again.


Name: Ming-Lei
Arrived: November 2002
Origin: Shanghai, China

Ming Lei was our very first student. Was only supposed to stay with us for 3 months, but stayed with us for 15 months! He stayed with us until he passed his IELTS english exam. He then left to study at Massey University in Palmerston North. Last visited us January 2004.



Name: Toshihiro
Origin: Japan

Toshihiro went touring round New Zealand for 5 months after he left us. He went all round the North and South Islands. When he returned to Japan he sent us a photo CD of all the wonderful places he had visited.


Name: Atsuko
Origin: Japan

Atsuko only stayed with us for 2 weeks. She was studying to be an English teacher. She had been to New Zealand before. It was lovely having another female in the home. She has now achieved her dream and is teaching in Japan.

Name: Satoshi
Origin: Japan

Satoshi stayed with us and then went "flatting" with some other students from Worldwide School. While I was overseas he cooked the guys at home some great meals. He left New Zealand due to work commitments, but then returned in March 2004 to tour with his girlfriend.


Name: Scott Kerr
Arrived: September 2003
Origin: Troon, Scotland

Scott is "adopted" family. The Kerr Family are friends from way back and Scott decided to have a working holiday here. He got a job at a nearby pub - "The Brickhouse". He met Loren and when he returned to Scotland, she followed him there. Watch this space!


Name: Daniel Haddad
Arrived: December 2003
Origin: Rio de Janero

Daniel was one of the happiest and carefree students. He liked everything "A LOT!" He was very popular at Worldwide School and had lots of friends - especially girls! Daniel still emails and phones us often. We would love to visit him someday and meet his family.


Name: Paul aka Pauly Shore
Arrived: January 2004
Origin: Glasgow, Scotland

Paul worked with Scott and decided to join Scott here and do a bit of touring. They went round the North Island for a few weeks. Paul is now just another one of the family whom we hope to definately see again when we visit the UK.


Name: Jae Seung Eun
Arrived: 7 March 2004
Origin: Korea

Seong Jae was a very religous person and went to Bible Group and the Korean Church while he stayed with us. He left us to stay with people from the church he was attending.


Name: Seong Jae Kim (Jay)
Arrived: 5 June 2004
Origin: Korea

Jay met Amanda from Thailand while at school. They eventually got a flat together late September 2004. Amanda went back to Thailand. Jay visited us in December 2004 before returning to Korea. Currently he is with Amanda in Thailand. Watch this space!


Name: Leonie Molls
Arrived: August 2004
Origin: Krefeld, Germany

This was Leonie's second visit to New Zealand. She came back for her summer holidays with some of the other German girls that she had met here while studying at Glenfield college. She was the Harold's "daughter"while studying here originally, so I was her "auntie". Her parents stayed with us when they visited her while she was staying here in 2003. Leonie is constantly in touch via phonecalls. I adore her!


Name: Charles-Frederic des Enffans d'Avernas
Arrived: 3 October 2004
Origin: Belgium (French)

Charles stayed with us for 4 weeks and then was supposed to go on a "Farmstay" for 8 weeks. He hated the farm and the family were not very kind to him, so he returned to Auckland. He got a job and then met someone that he was going into business with to develop a computer game. He visited us in January 2005.


Name: Bavo Braem
Arrived: 6 November 2004
Origin: Belgium (Dutch)

Bavo also stayed with us for just 4 weeks and then went to a farmstay. He stayed with us on Christmas Eve 2004 before flying out on a holiday to Fiji on Christmas day. He returned again before leaving for Australia at the end of January 2005. He was planning on going to the USA after Australia to work at a summer camp. His twin brother was in Pretoria, South Africa on a student exchange program.


Name: Julio Cesar Costa Batistella
Arrived:10 January 2005
Origin: Brazil

Julio stayed with us for 3 weeks. Julio was an English teacher in Brazil. We enjoyed many chats about his classes that he taught and also about his sister. If we ever get to Brazil, I really hope we will meet Julio again.


Name: Wolfgang Schnier
Arrived:7 February 2005
Origin: Germany

Wolfgang stayed with us for 2 weeks. He then went touring round NZ in a car that he had left here on a previous stay. He stayed with us for another week before he left to return to Germany. His car is still here and he is hoping to return before the end of 2005. Send emails and phone text messages often.

Returned to visit us in January 2006. Went off touring again. We hope to see him when we are in Germany in July 2006.


Name: Kengo Shimazaki
Arrived:2 April 2005
Origin: Japan

Kengo is a doctor and a pharmacist. A very gentle and quiet person. He came here to help with his conversational English. He stayed with us for nearly 4 weeks.


Name:Tomas Samec
Arrived:11 September 2005
Origin: Czech Republic

Stayed with us until January 2006. Tomas was unemployed in before he came to study English here.

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