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For over 25 years I have had a love affair with Swarovski Crystal. I saw my first piece in a shop in Switzerland in September 1979. It was the original large hedgehog. If I could have afforded it, and thought that it would arrive home with me in one piece after camping around Europe, I would have bought my first piece right then and there! But sense prevailed and I left that piece in the shop window for some other person to buy it!

Upon my return to South Africa, where I was living at the time, my Mum and Dad bought me the hedgehog for my Christmas present in 1980 as Swarovski had finally made it to the shops in South Africa.

Since then I have never looked back. Most of my beloved collection has been presents from various family and friends, but more recently I have sourced items from Ebay and purchased them myself. I know the history of each item and treasure each one not only for it's beauty, but for its sentimental value. I have been a member of the Swarovski Crystal Society for over 10 years.

Where is the Trademark?

Almost all Swarovski Silver Crystal items are etched with a logo. At times I have found it quite hard to find the trademark on a newly acquired piece. I thought that it would be useful if it were documented somewhere as to where to find the logo, so I am endeavouring to create a list here on where logo's are etched on certain items. If you would like to contribute to this list, please email me, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Name Code Logo Location of Trademark


Useful Swarovski Links   Warner's Blue Ribbon Books is in their eleventh year of publishing books for the Swarovski Crystal collector. They release new books March/April each year. These books are a MUST HAVE for every collector who needs to track their Swarovski collection for personal inventory and insurance requirements. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!   Swarovski's Official Site. Members Only Area. Beautiful images and up-to-date information on all new releases and retirements.

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