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Welcome to The Delaneys Site

This branch of the Delaney Clan is located in Auckland, New Zealand. This is a personal site and as such, not all areas of the site are for general public access and may be password protected. The family tree may be of interest to anyone that is researching their roots and is able to be accessed by all.

This site is far from complete and will be added to constantly as a "work in progress".


In its form, Delaney is a Norman name, from De l’aunaie, meaning ‘from the alder grove’, and doubtless some of those bearing the name in Ireland are of Norman stock. However, in the vast
majority of cases it was adopted as the anglicised form of the original Irish O Dubhshlaine, from dubh, meaning, ‘ black’, and slan, meaning ‘defiance’.

The original territory of the O Dubhshlaine was at the foot of the Slieve Bloom mountains in Co. Laois. From there they spread also in neighbouring Co. Kilkenny, and the surname is still strongly associated with these two counties. The most famous historical bearer of the surname was Patrick Delaney (1685-6-1768), Church of Ireland clergyman, renowned preacher and close friend of Jonathan Swift, of whom he wrote a celebrated ‘Defence’.

About Us

Our Delaney Family consists of Richard, Margaret, Ross and Blair. We are just your average family with a cat (Cleo) and a dog (Buster) and we, like many others, dream of winning the lottery. Our wish to win the lottery would help with our dreams - especially those we have of visiting friends and family that are all over the world! <big grin>.

Life in New Zealand goes at different paces... Living in Auckland means that our life goes at quite a hectic pace. We have beautiful places close by that we can visit (beaches, vineyards, bush walks), wonderful restaurants, great entertainment and of course, fantastic friends! Only problem is the traffic and unfortunately if you don't have a car in Auckland, it is quite hard getting from point A to B!

All of us have our passions -

Richard loves the gee-gees. Rugby and cricket are also on the agenda. Likes drinking and finding out about wine. The Guess Who from Canada are his favourite band, second favourites are Aerosmith. He would love to get to see them live one day...
Marg has so many hobbies that she can hardly keep up with all of them! Mosaics, scrapbooking, cross-stitch, beading and dieting! Her passions are music, expensive jewellery, swarovski crystal, expensive wine, expensive restaurants, Gucci, (get the picture yet??)... Champagne on a beer
Ross is the "sporty" one. Plays soccer and golf. Plays competitive computer games (for money).
He has completed his uni studies and has a B.Comm in Marketing and Management. He works for a large telecommunications company (beginning with V) and is at the moment flatting in K Road.
Blair loves his computer and would spend every waking moment on it if he could. He is working for a plastics firm.

Cleo passionately hates Buster.
Buster passionately hates Cleo.

We also have "extras" that stay in our home every now and then. We host students from many different countries. Not enough room here to mention them all personally, but we think of them often. There is a page on the site that is dedicated to all of them. Our Homestay Friends

We hope to visit everyone in their own countries! Not forgetting to stop in Canada to see some of the extended family and " The Guess Who". (Randy, if you are reading this, just send us email to find out where you can send the tickets to! ;-)